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Handcrafted Daily


       from a dream to reality...       


This adventure began with a fascination for aromatherapy.  A lot of research and testing of essential oils and their significant results on skin.  One day we realized the "soap" we were using was not getting us clean.  I went to the grocery store to seek a product called "soap"...not "cleanser" or "beauty bar" or "body wash".  I found "soap" then read the ingredients and found the first ingredient was "soap".  We wanted Soap.  I researched soap and discovered I not only could make it, I LOVE MAKING SOAP!   I love researching the benefits of the various ingredients (including amazing essential oils) on skin, I love the beauty of handcrafted soap and how incredibly clean and moisturized my skin feels when I use it.  I love to make soap in small batches and love sharing these incredible products through El's Handcrafted Soap products!

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